In 2019, Indianapolis was being named as the ‘Silicon Valley of the Midwest’ due to the influx of digital service jobs drawing millennials due to the better cost of living combined with a large amount of higher education opportunities within city limits. With Salesforce taking over the tallest tower in the city’s skyline, it seems it will be easy for other tech giants to follow their lead bringing in more opportunities and a new inpouring of prospective homebuyers.

Going into 2020, Indiana is investing in a new neighborhood area just north-east of downtown called 16 Tech which is anticipated to take the tech industry by storm by creating a centralized hub of innovation within Indianapolis. With the low cost of labor, housing, and office space – it is no wonder that Indianapolis has several flourishing neighborhoods with high appreciation; making it the perfect place to stretch your dollars and maximize your real estate wealth.

Speaking of the arrival of new industries and their corresponding draw, Indianapolis is easy to travel to! The Indianapolis International Airport has been named North America’s Best Airport for seven consecutive years in a row; making it easy and convenient for out-of-state investors to fly in efficiently and securely. Affordable flights and being a central airport hub for the Midwest, makes the idea of investing in Indy from another state, or another country even, a much more realistic opportunity.

Other great lures of the city include the bustling, and award winning, convention center which hosts international FFA conferences, the Colt’s team, Big 10 Championship annually, and the Performance Racing Industry, NRA Annual Meetings, and a plethora of other exciting events that draws revenue and new folks to Indy.

Indiana’s continued investment into the city extends beyond downtown – neighborhoods such as Fountain Square are offering new builds in the 300’s which deems an exciting prospect for investors if you can find a property that allows you to get in on the ground floor. Additionally, Irvington offers the charm of older historical homes with increasing appreciation as the area retains this beautiful small-town suburb charm. Furthermore, on the city’s west side, Mapleton-Fall Creek is up-and-coming and a great area where investment opportunities are abundant and increasing.

Indianapolis is absolutely a street-by-street city, the neighborhoods sub-sets definitely help narrow down prospective areas, but it is not until you start pounding the payment and running numbers on prospects that you can fully realize the true potential of why Indianapolis is the city to take a chance on.

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