Scope of Work

With Bildwise Scopes - You can Know What Your Investment is Worth BEFORE You Buy

Bildwise is your "boots on the ground"! We understand how rehab costs can impact ROI.

Whether it's fix & flip or a buy & hold strategy - Bildwise can give you accurate information and increase your ability to make great investment decisions.

It's simple, just let us know your intended use for the property, we'll walk the property and provide you with accurate realistic rehab costs. Take the Bildwise scope, drop the numbers into your equation - get a solid projection of actual ROI!





Bildwise provides realistic scopes of work. You get real-world costs that can be plugged into your ROI model, helping you make the best decisions for your investment business.

Get a Bildwise scope for just $199.

  • Detailed Photos
  • Videos - interior and exterior
  • Line-Item Detailed Report
  • Real World Costs Pulled from Construction Priced Databaases
  • REI Consulting Regarding if the Property Fits within Your ROI Model