Build Better with Bildwise Construction Management & Consulting to Reach Your Investment Goals.

Your Boots-On-The-Ground

Bildwise is your boots-on-the-ground team that will see your residential construction project through from start to finish.

Bildwise created proprietary software and technology that allows you to have the tools at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world, to track the progress of construction on your residential rehab, renovation or new build. Bildwise will guide your investment project from start to finish, using our licensed and inusred contractors to protect your investment physically and monetarily.

Use a Bildwise Scope of Work to Lower Your Risk and Increase ROI

Need to know the cost of renovation and rehabilitation of a property? Rehab costs should never be a wild card. We can have an expert out to walk the property and then provide you a line-item estimate of repairs with real-world costs.

What you can expect from a Bildwise Scope

  • Detailed Photos
  • Videos - interior and exterior
  • Line-Item Detailed Report
  • Real World Costs Pulled from Construction Priced Databaases
  • REI Consulting Regarding if the Property Fits within Your ROI Model


Our Proprietary Project Management Software Keeps Projects on Track

We’ve developed cloud-based software that provides you 24 hour access to your project from anywhere in the world. Access timelines, photos, estimate, budget, and key documents.

Watch your ROI improve as you work with a better team that has more checks and balances keeping your investment on track.

Grab Hold of a Better ROI and a Team of Experts with Bildwise

When you partner with Bildwise, you instantly get connected to a whole supportive team to work with you along the way including real estate professionals, acquisition specialists, lenders, and other experts to assist you as you invest in your properties.

Would you like to find out more about how to get started investing smarter with Bildwise by your side? Contact us today — we’d love to learn more about your needs!

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